About Us

Visiting Penn Treaty Park

“He that does good for good’s sake seeks neither paradise nor reward, but he is sure of both in the end.” — William Penn

After years of informal volunteer efforts, a small group of community-minded citizens had a vision of a safer and cleaner Penn Treaty Park. In 2005, we created a grass-roots effort to preserve and promote the park as a positive green space for family and community.

The Friends of Penn Treaty Park began by overseeing refurbishments of park monuments, as well as the addition of new benches and playground equipment. We have been able to cover the cost of the replacement of the Treaty tree and decorative fencing around it. We are working on funding future improvements, including lighting and enhancements to the children’s area.

View our list of accomplishments.

Today, we have grown into a regional community of members and volunteers dedicated to protecting and enhancing the park. In order to continue to keep the park in tip-top shape and improve it, we need our friends to continue to support our efforts through membership contributions. As Fairmount Park Commission receives less funds than it has in previous years, Penn Treaty Park’s support will also suffer. That is where your membership contribution comes in. If you have any questions about ways to get involved in the park, please contact us for more information.

Board of Directors

  • A.J. Thomson, President
  • Barbara Morehead, Vice President
  • Maureen Burke Iannacone, Secretary
  • Jim Becker, Treasurer
  • Deb McColloch
  • Kristine Kennedy
  • Roman Blazic
  • Lyn Taylor
  • Jim Perry
  • Carol Davis

Photo: Win Akeley