Penn Treaty Park Listed in the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places

From Spirit Community Newspapers by John Connors:

“George Baker lived in Fishtown for many years and he was an advocate in the 1950’s and 60’s to have the Philadelphia Historical Commission take an interest in the many historic places in Kensington. George was a prolific writer and his love of the community prompted him to send numerous letters to officials urging Historical recognition.

George’s efforts for Historical designation of Penn Treaty Park were unsuccessful but the initiative was passed forward to Dr. Etta May Pettyjohn. The former principal of Kensington High School was passionate about the Park. Dr. Pettyjohn was a member of the Kensington Community Council. They and others from the old Fishtown Civic Association contacted Congressman Ray Lederer in the late 70’s and he was successful in having the Department of the Interior consider placing Penn Treaty Park within the National Park System. The Congressman was also successful in having Dr. Tyler of the City Historical Commission work “on a paper in support of this project.” When Congressman Lederer, who lived on Shackamaxon Street and whose father was a long time Park advocate, lost his seat, the momentum died.

The effort for Historical Designation languished until 2010. Barbara Morehead, a co-founder of today’s Friends of Penn Treaty Park, decided to embark on the quest.” Read the rest of the article.

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