The Trail of Hope

From the Thursday, October 6th, 2011 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Inspired by Penn Treaty Park, Peter Prusinowski walks to Oklahoma – the route of Leni-Lenape Indians forced westward.

“When his children were young, Peter Prusinowski walked them in Penn Treaty Park. The place spoke to him. The Polish immigrant was fascinated by what happened there in 1682, the year William Penn and Chief Tamanend of the Leni-Lenape Indians made a pact of peace under a magnificent elm.

‘It was a treaty based on friendship and love,’ said Prusinowski, who lives in Fishtown. ‘The place became sacred to me, and one day, my heart was telling me this is something I needed to do.’

That ‘something’ was something indeed – a 2,000-mile, 143-day journey from Philadelphia to Oklahoma – on foot.”

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Photo: Peter Prusinowski