Bringing Chief Tamanend to Penn Treaty Park


In 1683, William Penn, founder of Philadelphia and the entire state of Pennsylvania, entered into a peace treaty with the Leni-Lenape tribe along the shores of the Delaware River, where Penn Treaty Park sits today. A statue of William Penn stands in the park to commemorate this moment. But, where is the statue of Chief [read more]


Keep Up With the News at Penn Treaty Park!

Bulletin Board Under Construction.

We recently installed a bulletin board where we will be posting news and items of interest, including a calendar of upcoming events. Here are some photos of the project under construction.


Shadfest 2011


Save the Date! Shadweek is April 16th through 23rd, with our 3rd annual Shadfest taking place on Saturday, April 23rd. Information on how to sponsor and applications for vendors (artist, food, business and non-profit) will be posted on the Fishtown Shadfest 2011 website soon!