Champagne & The Master Plan

An article posted on PlanPhilly this week discusses our upcoming Champagne in the Park event and the status of The Master Plan, noting:

“When the jazz plays and the champagne flows at Penn Treaty Park’s annual nighttime soirée next month, boosters will toast the completion of the plan for the park’s future and honor a woman who led the sessions where the public told planners their wishes. Then comes the really hard part: It will cost about $12.7 million to build the new fishing pier, wetlands, and everything else the master plan contains.”

A.J. Thomson, President of the Friends of Penn Treaty Park, explains how we are helping to “push the plan” by starting projects “that take little bites, one by one, out of the big plan” — for instance by working to Light the Park.

To read the article, visit PlanPhilly’s website.